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MCM Funding

Current MCM funding

Current/recent support for MCM development activities from the following sources is gratefully acknowledged:

  • NERC, through the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) Air Quality Research Programme and via grant NE/J008990/1.
  • EU, as part of the 7th framework project EUROCHAMP-2 (and previously EUROCHAMP).
  • Swedish Strategic Research Area “ModElling the Regional and Global Earth system (MERGE)”

Previous MCM funding

MCM development activities have also previously received support from the following sources:

  • NERC, as part of APPRAISE ACES thematic programme, and the MCM-IUPAC knowledge exchange activity (NE/E002706/1).
  • Defra AQIP (and previously, Defra AEQ and DETR AQ), as part of the “Modelling Tropospheric Ozone” project.
  • EU, as part of the 4th framework projects SARBVOC, BIOVOC and NUCVOC; and the 5th framework projects EXACT and OSOA.
  • NERC, through fellowship grants NER/K/S/2000/00870 and NE/D008794/1.

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