Mark List

No species are marked.

Extract Sub-Mechanisms

You can extract a subset of the MCM using your mark list as the set of primary species. All subsequent reactions and species will be included in the mechanism.

Select the format in which you would like to generate the sub-mechanism:

HTML, displaying MCM species names.
HTML, displaying SMILES strings.
FACSIMILE input format, suitable for inserting into a FACSIMILE model.
FORTRAN format, suitable for use with a FORTRAN numerical integrator.
Download the files needed to convert existing FACSIMILE files to FORTRAN compatible format or experimental KPP format.
FORTRAN converter zip file
XML, experimental XML format.
View the Schema mcm.xsd against which the XML file can be validated.
KPP, experimental KPP format.
FACSIMILE with RDF metadata, experimental (CM).
Molecular Weights for all species in a subset.

Select which options you require:

Include inorganic reactions?
Include generic rate coefficients? FACSIMILE, FORTRAN and KPP formats only

Click below to generate the sub-mechanism.

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